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About Us


HPVEC shall operate to develop, maintain and promote the importance of the visual environment in the Hyde Park Community.


As part of this mission, HPVEC will undertake such activities as:


1. To study the esthetics of the town as reflected in all areas, including the visual, environmental, cultural, historical,                     sociological, legal, and planning and development characteristics; to identify problems in these areas; to gather facts and           seek and promote solutions.

2. To assist citizens of the town of Hyde Park to understand and participate in the community planning process.

3. To stimulate actions directed toward implementing meaningful change by:

a. Educating and informing the public about any proposed actions or conditions that negatively or positively impact the          town's cultural, historical, or natural resources.

b. Coordinating and assisting other individuals, businesses and groups with similar objectives.

c. Developing the resources and skills among members so that they can engage the public at large in informative events.

d. Publicly acknowledge examples of good landscape and architectural design, environmental stewardship, and historical      rehabilitation or preservation.

4. To foster pride in the community.

   To encourage the community to participate in the accomplishment and development of the goals of HPVEC; to solicit, and          collect and raise funds to further the purposes of HPVEC.


We are a non-profit 501c-3 civic organization incorporated in 1972 in the state of New York and governed by a Board of Directors. We are supported through yearly membership dues, fund-raising events, and donations.

Cathy Lane
Nancy Bialosuknia
Vice Chairperson

Nancy Dotterer

Sheila Kelleher
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Hank Bialosuknia

Ron Lane

Joan Mayerhofer

Leila Poole

Kyle Raymond

Walter Ring

Terri Totten

Nick Whiteley

Ann Woolsey
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In keeping with our mission to promote awareness in Hyde Park, we encourage our membership to be informed and involved in the towns’ development. This recently lead to dialogue with the Hyde Park Central School District, resulting in new, district wide signage, which is more in keeping with our town's historic charm. HPVEC and community involvement also encouraged the HPCSD to preserve the historic front lawn at Haviland Middle School and to relocate their proposed bus parking area.


Understanding that it is vitally important to collaborate with like-minded organizations, the HPVEC is proud to have partnered with several community organizations as well as local business sponsors.
  • Hyde Park Stone Wall Restoration with Scenic Hudson and NPS
  • The purchase and installation of Historic Banners with the HP Chamber of Commerce
  • The three phased "Tree Initiative" made possible with NYSDOT assistance
  • NPS, NYS Parks, Taconic Regional Headquarters and FDR Presidential Archive and Library event assistance
  • Garden and stonewall installation with the HP Teachers Association
  • Hackett Hill building restoration with the HP Recreation department
  • DCSPCA joint wildlife and pet-friendly gardening education events
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